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September 2019


Planning Learning Approaches for Nowadays Students

Developing new ways of learning in the context of digital education

Under the title PLANS (Planning Learning Approaches for Nowadays Students) Europagymnasium Kerpen is starting its 5th European school educational project in September 2019. It is a two-year Erasmus+ project with five partner schools in Portugal, Romania, Chechia and Spain with the goal of making students and participants aware of the huge digital educational market, integrating them into the process of the project and therefore developing didactic units for the learners.


With this project our school is rising to the challenge of making contact with the digital era. At the same time the programme connects to two pillars of our school programme:


  • promotion of European dimensions (languages, history, politics, European democratic values and cultural heritage.

  • linking the MINT subjects (i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology) to the project.

    The coordinators of the project from all the partner schools from left to right:

    Anca Lazaric (Romania), Soňa Přibylová Hasenkopfová (Czechia), Susana Gómez Bueno (Spain), Maria da Glória d´Albuquerque (Portugal)

The German Erasmus+ team from left to right: D. Kemper,

O. Strucken-Bathke, Katharina Schulter-Mattler, E.Löwe-López, J.Engel (behind), M.Potes, C. Glasmacher, L. Venatier

Implementation of the project


About 90 students from the different partner institutions will work overarchingly on a class, subject and cross-border basis by using digital methods such as CLCI (content and language integrated learning), PBL (project-based learning) und ICT (information and communications technology) and profit from one of five free of charge project meetings in other countries.


Some examples of the activities in the next three years are:

  • How do I develop a radio programme?

  • Creating an eBook,

  • Podcasts: European values and citizenship,

  • Composing a project hymn,

  • History as a treasure chest,

  • Take it or leave it: A digital toolbox,

  • An inventors’ park,

  • Guidelines for safety on the Internet.



At the end of October Europagymnasium Kerpen will welcome 12 teachers from the four partner countries in the framework of a coordinator meeting to plan the project for the next two years.


We are all very excited!

don’t miss – don’t miss – don’t miss

Presentation of the Project on October 3rd at the “Festival of Cultures” at Europagymnasium Kerpen  

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